100% Pure Acai Berry Powder Review: A Good Supplement for Weight Loss?

100% Pure Acai Berry Powder Review: A Good Supplement for Weight Loss?

100 acai berry powderWhen you hear the phrase ‘100% Acai Berry Powder’ what do you think?

Yes it’s true that this supplement has a lot of negativity associated with it.

A few years ago, Acai Berry scams were rampant; leaving a whole multitude of bitterly disappointed people who had fallen pray to the false weight loss claims of Acai Berry.

The FTC did manage to crack down on a lot of the scammers, dishing out hefty fines for many dodger Acai Berry pushers. Still, a lot of unrepairable damage, both financially and emotionally had already be done. It was certainly a really mucky time for Acai and even in 2013, we’re still not completely rid of shady Acai Berry products.

Now are all Acai products bad? I don’t think they are, but they are not at all easy to find.

One 100% Pure Acai Berry product that seems to still be very popular is currently being sold by Evolution Slimming, and that’s the product I intend to review today.

100% Pure Acai Berry Powder Review

What is Pure Acai Berry?

Acai (pron. ai-sigh-ee), is a small purple berry, also known as a superfruit that can be found growing on a certain type of palm tree in the Brazilian rainforest. It’s labeled as a ‘superfruit’ because it’s believed to be a rich source of anti-oxidant and fiber. It also contains vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 as well as other trace minerals.

It’s quite common for Acai to come in powder or even capsule form, as the raw fruit has a tendency to spoil quickly (within 24 hours of first being harvested), losing a fair chunk of it’s nutritional value.

How Do You Take Pure Acai Berry Powder?

It’s quite easy to add this Acai supplement to your diet. You simply sprinkle 2-5 teaspoons of the powder on to your favorite food and you’re good to go. You can use Acai Berry powder on solid food, add it to your cereal or to drinks and smoothies.

100% Pure Acai Berry Powder Review: The Good

  • The good news is that this particular product is organic, freeze dried and Fair Trade certified.
  • Unlike other Acai products, there’s a distinct lack of ‘filler’ ingredients such as Magnesium Stearate, rice flour or croscarmellose sodium. The manufacturers are quite clear in pointing out that this is not an extract; you’re getting a pure shot of Acai every time you consume it.
  • The naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients found in Acai Berry are said to offer some health benefits including promoting lowering cholesterol levels and promoting digestive health.
  • It’s easy to use and designed to taken as a food supplement, so reinforces the importance of eating balanced meals.

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100% Pure Acai Berry Powder Review: The Bad

  • I’m afraid that nothing I’ve read leads me to believe that this product is good for weight loss. To date there have been no clinical trials related to Acai Berry and weight loss and therefore no conclusive evidence to suggest a relationship between the two.
  • Heat and light sources will have a negative impact on your Acai supplement. If you don’t store it in a cool dry place, you run the risk of reducing the overall effectiveness and nutritional value of the powder.

Is 100% Pure Acai Powder Worth Buying?

Although 100% Acai Berry Powder may provide some health benefits as a food supplement, if your sole reason for buying Acai Berry is to use it as a weight loss aid, you might want to think again.

Remember there is no conclusive evidence that Acai Berry supplements help with weight loss, just’s a lot of hearsay. There are other products which are better suited to those looking to lose weight.

If you want an additional health boost, pretty much in the same way that vitamins and minerals offer, then this Acai Berry supplement may be worth considering. For more info on the powder and for details of the latest special offers, check out  the official website.

Not too keen on the powdered variety of Acai? Then take a look at 100% Pure Acai Berry in capsules form – It’s the only Acai Berry to have undergone an independent review by the UK’s Sunday Express.

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