What's the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss?

What’s the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss?

I’m sure you’ve heard that green tea is great for helping with weight control, but what I (and you) really want to know is what’s the best green tea for weight loss?

While I will be looking at some top recommendations for you, I just want to start by sharing a few tips – for the green tea virgins – on how to incorporate green tea into your diet.green tea for weight loss

Adding Green Tea to Your Diet

Firstly, you’ve got to remember one thing. These teas aren’t for everyone. Some people even question whether green tea is effective for weight loss. One thing for sure is that it’s an acquired taste – many people gradually grow to love it or at least learn to enjoy on some level.

So, if you’ve tried several varieties and you’re still not liking the taste, don’t force it. You can always buy natural green tea supplements such as Tea Tone Plus which come readily available in capsule form. I promise not to tell anybody!

Do bear in mind that green tea also contains caffeine. The coffee drinkers amongst you are probably best sticking to just the green tea, otherwise you could find yourself bouncing off the walls. In truth you really should stay away from other forms of caffeinated beverages whilst you’re taking this particular variety of tea.

There are decaffeinated versions of green tea on the market, but know that if you try these they may not be as effective as regular green tea.

The reason being is that the chemical processes used to ‘decaffeinate’ the tea may have stripped away some of the plant’s natural ingredients. Do remember that just because you are taking green supplements, it’s not a licence to go out and start eating whatever you want. You still need to exercise control over your food choices otherwise you will not lose weight.

Sticking to your regular calorific intake whilst taking green tea will help you to achieve steady weight loss. You will also see an improvement in your energy levels during the course of a few weeks.

To accelerate your weight loss even further, try reducing the numbers of calories you consume and increase the amount of exercise you do.

What’s the Best Green Tea for Weight Loss?

The fortunate thing about green tea is that it’s really affordable, but with so many varieties floating about how do you know which is the best green tea for weight loss?

Well as a rule of thumb, always try to stick with the organic variety for purer ingredients, although that is not to say that there aren’t any good non-organic teas out there. There are and I’ll list a couple below.

For organic teas, one of the most popular blends of green tea at the moment is the Tava Tea.  It’s certified 100% organic . In fact it’s actually a potent blend of 3 different organic teas (Sencha, Oolong and Pu-erh) which have been used by the Chinese for many centuries. It’s powerful stuff and effective too, hence why it’s one of the sought after green teas.

A great alternative to TavaTea is the Bigelow Green Tea. Once again it’s 100% organic, gluten-free as well as being kosher parve certified. It doesn’t have the potent blend that Tava Tea offers but it’s a great tasting tea that comes highly recommended by many consumers. If you’d think you’d enjoy the taste of a sweet orangey, spicy tea, this may very well be the one for you.

As for non-organic teas, check out the Kirkland Signature Ito Matcha Blend. It has a slightly sweeter taste to it compared to most green teas and is considered a good first choice to those who are new to drinking green tea.

My final recommendation is for a tea that is brand new to the market. It’s called Kou Tea and is a unique blend of 4 varieties green teas. It is said that Kou Tea may help to reduce weight loss and appetite as well as speed up metabolism.

So hopefully, I’ve provided a few suggestions worthy of your time and attention, but really, the best green tea for weight loss is the tea that you feel most comfortable. That might mean you having to try out a couple of varieties first before deciding which one is the best for you. Everyone is different after all and what may work for one person, might not be your cup of tea.