Best Workout DVD for Women: 10 Fat Busting Workouts You Can't Ignore

Best Workout DVD for Women: 10 Fat Busting Workouts You Can’t Ignore

If you’re looking for an exercise program you can do from home and are wondering what the best workout DVD for women is, cast your eyes over this hand picked selection of videos geared towards weight loss and fitness.

The beauty of a home workout DVD, is that you can take things at your own pace. No embarrassing gym moments or expensive membership fees. You get the be the boss of you and workout whenever you want, be that morning, noon or night.

Summer is on it’s way baby! It’s time to stop hiding your body under baggy clothes, grab one of the DVDs featured below, push the couch to one side and start burning fat like there’s no tomorrow. Are you ready? Let’s go.


1) Jillian Michaels – Extreme Shed & Shred

Jillian Michaels - Extreme Shed and Shred


Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Average Calories Burned: Around 300 – 550 for 45 minutes*

Best workout DVD for Women who enjoy a varied and highly intense workout from an instructor that will push you further than you ever thought possible

Jillian Michaels always seems to produce the best workout videos for women. This time she’s back with Extreme Shed & Shred DVD and it doesn’t fail to disappoint. For those of you who tried out her ever popular 30-minute Shred DVD, you will love this updated version of the high energy workout.

This video is perfect for intermediate to advanced level users as it cleverly fuses together a mix of of high energy moves that will not only push your body in terms of cardio and strength work, but will offer mental stimulation which will keep you engaged throughout the workout. You’ll find yourself doing everything from Brazilian Ju-Jitsu to kickboxing to yoga and then some!

Now although there are effectively two separate workouts in this DVD (45 minutes each), if you’re a real sucker for punishment do them both back to back for a real challenge.

Your muscles will ache, your heart will pound and fat will be burned.

Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed & Shred is available at


2) Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners

Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners


Level: Beginner (but not absolute beginner) to Intermediate

Average Calories Burned: Around 300 to 400 per 25 minute workout*

Best workout DVD for Women who want to combine a non bulky form of weight training with a solid cardio workout

The Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners offers 3 great sessions which you can either choose to do individually or as one big workout. There’s the tutorial section (28 mins), drills and combos (26 mins) and the core workout (25 mins). Expect to do a lot of lunges and squats with this DVD. You’ll be burning fat from all over as well as toning and sculpting your body under friendly instruction from the trainer.

Do note that if you’ve never picked up a Kettlebell in your life this probably isn’t the workout for you. Although there is some  instruction on how to use the equipment, the DVD doesn’t offer any guidance on how to choose the correct Kettlebell weight. Trust me, you shouldn’t try this exercise without knowing a little bit about Kettlebells and correct stance first. So perhaps try out a beginners class before taking the plunge.

Overall a highly rated exercise DVD, which will help you lose weight. Buy it here.


3) X-TrainFit At Home Workout

 X-TrainFit At Home Workout - Women's Complete Fitness DVD


Level: Beginner (moderately active) to Advanced

Average Calories Burned: Approx. 85-200 for 30 minutes of yoga and 300 -500 for 30 minutes of cardio*

Best fitness DVD for Women who want a full and complete total body workout system that’s on par with the likes of P90X, only cheaper.

Looking for a complete fitness program that will get you ship shape in 12 weeks? Then consider checking out the X-TrainFit At Home Workout. In the box you’ll find 8 highly intensive workouts which target cardio, abs, legs, arms, chest and back. This is what you call a shred and sculpt DVD – first you burn fat with power packed routines, then you work on toning and tightening all of those stubborn flabby bits.

You won’t need much in the way of additional equipment with this box set, just some exercise bands and a set of dumbbells. Ideally you’ll want dumbbells at 5lb weight but you can go higher (if you’re feeling strong) or as low as 2.5lbs and still have an effective workout.

This is a great fitness program but don’t expect to see a sleek and professional DVD production. Instead you’ll take comfort from working out alongside regular looking people with regular bodies that you can relate to.

Check out pricing and availability here.



4) Jillian Michaels: Body Revolution


Jillian Michaels Body Revolution



Level: Beginner to Advanced

Average Calories Burned: For each 30 minute session expect to burn something in the region of 200 – 400 calories*

Best Workout Videos for Women who want a structured weight loss and fitness system which incorporates a diet plan

Another solid workout you’ll want to consider is Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. In fact this isn’t just a package of exercise videos, it’s a full on 90 day weight loss system that will have you eating right, exercising right and looking great with a time commitment of just 30 minutes a day/6 days a week.

For a pretty reasonable price you’ll get a set of 15 DVDs, a weekly diet plan, meal plan, weight loss journal, fitness guide and access to Jilian’s online membership club (30 days). That’s a whole lot of value right there!

In order to maximize results you may want to get some extra gear to support this DVD set – a resistance band, yoga mat and set of dumbbells of varying weights (3, 5 and 10lbs). All of this is of course totally optional, you’ll still get a great workout without these.

Check out pricing and availability here.



5) Ellen Barrett Live: Grace and Gusto


Grace and Gusto Exercise DVD


Level: Beginners

Average Calories Burned: Between 150 – 200 per 45 minutes*

Best Workout DVD for Women wanting an effective yet gentle introduction to Pilates

With Ellen Barrett’s Grace and Gusto DVD, you get to have a sneak peak into what a ‘real’ 45 minute Pilates class is like as she records the training session live! Plus she does it with a bunch of regular people, so no pouting model types to throw you off balance.

Pilates is one of those exercises that some people overlook as a weight loss option or think is too ‘easy to be a proper workout’.  Ellen proves the doubters wrong with this DVD. She’ll have you stretching, toning and re-aligning your body for longer leaner limbs and torso. You’ll not only lose weight but you’ll develop better posture and a stronger inner core, which is essential to fitness and overall well-being.

The only additional thing you’ll need with this exercise DVD is a Pilates mat, but you can substitute that with a thick towel.

Grab your copy of this workout from



6) Denise Austin: Shrink Belly Fat


Denise Austin Shrink Belly Fat


Level: Intermediate

Average Calories Burned: Around 200 – 300 calories for each 45 minute workout session*

Best Workout Video for Women who want to lose the belly fat and are not afraid of a little hard work

You’ll get three 15 minute workouts with the Denise Austin: Shrink Belly Fat DVD. Each one attacks stomach fat in different ways:

  • There’s Cardio Abs which blasts fat by putting you through your paces with a highly intensive abs circuit.
  • Athletic abs is a power packed combination of strength and coordination work which aims to really pull in those stomach muscles.
  • Classic abs is all about isolating and firming your obliques, upper and lower abs, as well as the back for an even tighter core.

Expect lots of plank work, twists, side bends and crunches as well as a good dose of cardio.

As a suggestion you may want to get a set of dumbbells at different weights (3-8lbs) and an exercise mat.

Grab this workout here.



7) SparkPeople: Total Body Sculpting

SparkPeople Total Body Sculpting


Level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Average Calories Burned: Unsure

Best Workout DVD for Women who want a varied workout that incorporates cardio, balance work and strength training

SparkPeople: Total Body Sculpting is a powerful all in one fat blasting workout that uses interval training techniques to strengthen muscles and burn calories. You get three distinct workouts which are taught by different instructors so you really do get the benefit of their fitness expertise with each session.

There’s the Barre Body workout which is heavily influenced by classical ballet moves, Sizzle Sculpt which is designed to really tone and shape your arms, legs, butt and abs and the Bodyweight Burn workout which provides the high energy cardio element that will get you blasting fat at a fast rate.

As well as the workout, there are some neat bonuses which you’ll love such as recipe ideas, access to SparkPeople’s online club, free meal plans and much more.

You’ll need some additional equipment for this exercise video such as light hand weights, a workout mat and a chair!

Check out pricing and availability here.


8) Breathless Body 2: The Edge


Breathless Body 2 The Edge


Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Average Calories Burned: Anywhere from 300 to 500 calories*

Best Fitness DVD for Women who want to build stamina with a strong cardio workout that doesn’t involve any fancy choreography

Breathless Body 2 is the follow up DVD to Breathless Body; a super powerful cardio workout for women. This latest edition is even more intense than the first and will work your body harder than you ever thought possible.

The DVD offers a combination of;

1) threshold training, a highly intensive anaerobic exercise used by runners to increase endurance, and

2) high intensity interval training.

This is a serious workout created with the sole purpose of burning body fat and calories in the quickest time possible.

You’ll perform four sets of training, which each feature three gruelling exercise drills that you’ll perform in 30 seconds blocks with a 15 second break in between. By the time you get to the final training set you’ll be performing 12 drills with no breaks!

Breathless Body 2 is a tough workout and the instructor will push you, but unlike other exercise DVDs she’s not all up in your face about it.

Check out pricing and availability here.



9) Shiva Rea: More Daily Energy


More Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Average Calories Burned: Between 170 to 230 for 60 – 80 minutes*

Best Workout DVD for Women who want a break from cardio work to re-energize, stretch and tone the body

Shiva Rea: More Daily Energy is an excellent yoga DVD for women of all ages. It’s not a traditional fitness DVD like others featured on this list, but it still offers a very powerful workout that connects the body to the mind, helping to increase over all body conditioning as well as energy levels.

The DVD consists of seven 20 minute segments which can be mixed and matched to create your own personalized workout or performed individually, which is a good option for women who don’t get a lot of time to exercise.

Don’t forget to grab yourself a yoga mat for this workout.

Buy your copy of this DVD from


10 ) Jeanette Jenkins: Cardio Kickboxing

Jeanette Jenkins The Hollywood Trainer Cardio Kickboxing


Level: Intermediate

Average Calories Burned: Between 650 – 900 calories when you complete the whole workout in one go (89 minutes)*

Best Workout DVD for Women who want a highly intensive choreographed cardio workout that focuses on body toning and sculpting.

This Jeanette Jenkins Cardo Kickboxing workout will make you work hard. You’ll sweat hard, burn calories like crazy and lose weight, as long as you are committed and able to keep up with the pace, that is. And this is one fast workout.

The DVD has a total running time of 89 minutes –  there is a 50 min cardio session which is broken down into five parts, plus two 15 minute toning DVDs and a seven minute stretch session. If you want maximum calorie burning then you’ll want to aim  to complete the workout in one go. If you’re struggling with that or short on time, you can break it down and create your own workout from the different sessions.

You  may want to invest in a set of dumbbells to go along with this workout. One thing for sure is you’ll certainly need a LOT of water!

Are you ready for a spot of kickboxing? Grab this DVD here.

So now that you have some excellent options to choose from, there’s no excuses to NOT fire up your workout regimen… is there?


* The average calories burned are based on average women. You may burn more or less it really depends on several factors such as  individual body type, weight and the level of intensity you put into the workout. The figures here are only to be used as a rough guide and should not be taken as fact.

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