Tae Bo Billy Blanks Style - PT 24 / 7 Workout Reviewed

Billy Blanks pt 24 / 7 Review

buy billy blanks pt 24 7workoutBilly Blanks has carefully developed his Tae Bo system for years and I’ve been an avid enthusiast of his workouts for as long as I can remember.

So when I found out about the latest twist on his original Tae Bo exercise, I just had to find out more.

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 The Billy Blanks pt 24 / 7 Workout

With pt 24 7, Billy gives a little something extra to challenge you just that bit further. This is a new generation of Tae Bo video which meshes together traditional kickboxing techniques with the use of B2 resistance bands, which you attach to your feet and to the pt 24 7 gloves (provided as part of the program).

You get the double benefit of a cardio workout with resistance training at the same time, engaging your core, upper and lower body muscles. The result of the workout gets you into supreme shape, fast. And Billy means fast. He maintains that “within 24 hours you will feel the difference and within 7 days you will see the difference”.

As always Billy is a delight to watch. A natural in front of the camera when it comes to motivating you; pushing you in a way which makes you believe you can go beyond your physical limits to achieve a higher level of fitness. He’ll get into your head and get you to really focus on the task at hand. What I love about training with Billy is that he works just as hard as you do. These exercises are not easy and you can see just how much effort he is putting in by the amount of sweat dripping down his shirt. There is no fakery with Billy Blanks.

The pt 24 7 box set comes with six DVDs: 

1. Basics workout

2. Cardio workout

3. Cardio burn workout

4. Ripped core workout

5. Boot camp power

6. Combo sculpt workout

The basics workout is great for those new or returning to Tae Bo as it walks you through the fundamental moves required of the workout. You’ll learn how to kick and punch without injuring yourself; developing the correct form needed to conduct the exercises with maximum effectiveness. Billy also throws in a powerful (bonus) DVD entitled body blast – a highly intense workout designed to further get your muscles shredded and lean.

Each DVD has a duration of no more than 30 minutes, which means for those of you who are time limited you get to squeeze an effective workout into your day.  In fact Billy suggests you train for three days then give yourself a day of rest before continuing with the system.billy blanks pt 24 7 gloves and bands

In addition to the DVDs you receive a set of B2 bands and gloves;

Billy’s special nutritional guide which comes with four full weeks of meals to eat and easy to follow recipes;

a rotation calendar to assist with your progress through the workout series;

a menu guide and food journal so you can accurately monitor your eating habits.


  • Tae Bo has been proved time and time again to be one of the most effective forms of total body workout. You will lose weight rapidly if you follow this program.
  • No need to buy any other workout equipment for the pt 24 7 because all you’ll ever need is in the box.
  • The moves are easy to follow and suitable for all ages.
  • The nutritional guide is pretty comprehensive, appealing to dieters everywhere. You will be able to rustle up tasty, healthy meals very quickly.
  • The 30 day no quibble money back guarantee will see that you don’t get stuck with it, if you decide that Tae Bo Billy Blanks style really isn’t your thing.


  • Although with this system you don’t need weights or any other equipment, remember the key to a good exercise program is to get some variety into it. There is nothing wrong with mixing this workout with others in your collection which do require weights.
  •  The resistance bands only come in one size meaning that you can’t increase resistance levels as you progress through the exercises.
  • Further to that because the bands are not adjustable you’ll either find this workout too easy (if you’re shorter than average) or too difficult (if you’re taller than average).

The Billy Blanks pt 24 7 workout comes with FREE shipping when purchased from Amazon.

The sheer number of additional bonuses which come with this program make the deal even sweeter. These include: an extra set of B2 bands and gloves (now your partner has no excuse not to join in with you), six months membership to the pt 24 / 7 online club where you will benefit from nutritional and motivational tips direct from Billy as well as additional exercises and a support forum.

Not bad eh?

Billy Blanks pt 24 7 Reviews – The Verdict:

It really does depend on how much you want to spend on improving your health and overall fitness. Millions of people around the world are buying Billy Blanks pt 24 7 and reporting amazing results. Maybe not all within the 7 days as Billy ambitiously claims, but people are losing weight and getting healthier.

Just remember that you’re not only buying a set of Tae Bo videos, but you’re allowing yourself the opportunity to make a lifestyle change for the better. It’s a great investment in your future health and body. Billy Blanks alone is worth every penny. But don’t take my world for it; try Tae Bo, Billy Blanks pt 24 7 for yourself.

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