How to Choose the Best Workout DVD for Weight Loss

How to Choose the Best Workout DVD for Weight Loss

best workout dvd for weight lossSheesh! When did buying a simple workout DVD for weight loss become so overwhelming?

Firstly, you have to seek out the best workout DVD for you, which is hard enough in itself, and then you actually need to start the workout!

Fact of the matter is there are just too many workout DVDs on the market.

You’ve got specific workout DVDs for men, women, kids, seniors. Then DVDs designed to target cardiovascular development, core strength building, abs, legs, buns, arms. You’ve got aerobic DVDs, dance DVDs like Zumba Fitness Exhilarate, yoga and Pilates DVDs plus a whole host of other types of workouts featuring kickboxing, step, tae bo, boot camp and so on.

Is it any wonder why you’re already feeling exhausted by the prospect of working out?

OK, so you know one thing for certain – – you’ve definitely made up your mind to buy a workout DVD which you can use at home. And you’re fully aware your future wellbeing depends on you starting or continuing some form of exercise. You’re ready to make that investment in improving your health and lifestyle. But how do you go about choosing the best workout DVD for weight loss? How can you ensure you’re going to pick something which will keep you motivated for 2012 onwards?

Type of Workout DVD

Think hard about the ‘type’ of exercise you find most interesting. Why does it appeal to you? Do you have any previous experience in it or is it something you’ve always wanted to try? Will it keep you engaged for longer than a couple of months? Try to not base your decision on something because it’s the latest trend. The fact that everyone is talking about a brand spanking new miracle workout does not mean it will be the best workout DVD for you. Also if it’s your goal to lose weight, look for DVDs which place emphasis on that. Rather than go for a pure fitness DVD, get a weight loss DVD.

They are pretty easy to spot as the best weight loss DVDs usually factor in a nutritional guide or plan which you follow along with the workout. The Billy Blanks pt 24 7 workout is a very good example of this.

Variety of Workout

Linked in with the type of exercise is the variety of exercise. This is essential in helping to keep you motivated and fighting off the boredom. Doing the same thing day in, day out is dull, dull, dull. Spicy things up a bit by having a range of workouts you can schedule throughout the week. Also remember that it’s not just your mind that gets tired of doing the same things over and over. It’s your muscles too.

That’s where workout programs like Supreme 90 Day come into their element. This particular workout DVD works on the principle of ‘muscle confusion’ as a way to avoid boredom, maintain motivation and fight of the dreaded weight loss plateau.

Level of Difficulty

If you’re new to exercise then going for a highly intensive, advanced cardio workout DVD is not what you want to be doing. No matter how much you feel you need the challenge. You will struggle to keep up with the instructor, you’ll feel frustrated and then you’ll probably end up committing the DVD to that dusty shelf in the garage. Same goes if you’re at the other end of the scale. A workout DVD which is too easy isn’t going to do anything for you and just won’t get used.

Instead look for one of the following:

  • workout DVDs which are specifically designed for your level; be it beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • DVDs which allow a natural progression of levels throughout the workout. That way you can grow with the workout DVD at your own pace and according to your fitness levels.

How Much Space Have You Got?

Think about how much room you have for your workout. Some DVDs, particularly the dance variety, require a lot of space. There are also a number of workout DVD’s which require you to get additional equipment as mentioned above. So you not only have to think about whether you have enough space to use these additional items, but also about where you’re going to store them afterwards.

All these pointers will certainly come in handy for when you buy your next workout DVD. Take care not to fall in to the trap of picking one randomly and hoping it’s going to be your answer to losing weight. Use your research to help you actively choose the best workout DVD for weight loss.

Cost of Workout DVD

How much do you intend to spend? Yep cost is a big factor, and sometimes you may be tempted to go for what seems like the cheapest workout DVD. But if you only ever use that DVD a handful of times, then is that really the best return on your investment? Like most things, workout DVD’s do vary quite a bit in price. Some are bargain basement, whilst others are a little more expensive but still good value. Then there are ones where you blink your eyes a couple of times, gulp and gasp ‘how much’? And don’t forget any additional costs you might have to fork out for supplementary equipment like a balance ball or a dumbbell set.

Remember not all workout DVDs are created equally, regardless of price. So take your time before plunging in. Have a good look online at sites which review them and make your decision based on the quality of the workout and how it’s ultimately going to improve your weight loss regimen and overall lifestyle.

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