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DetoxPlus Review

buy detoxplus– Best body cleanse

– Helps to alleviate bloating and constipation

– Aids weight loss by cleaning toxins from your body

– Compete detox in 30 days

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DetoxPlus Colon Cleansing System is specifically designed for the advanced cleansing of your entire digestive tract. Think of DetoxPlus as colonic irrigation in a capsule. Well not quite, but its intentions are the same.

Like other detox pills, DetoxPlus is not to be confused for a pill which will make you lose weight. What it will do is prepare your body for weight loss by cleansing your liver, colon and intestines of any toxic matter which could be contributing to your weight loss.

Often when you have a build up of toxins in your system you experience ‘bloating’ of the gut. This is commonly mistaken for weight gain. The bloating can be painful particularly if combined with constipation, as it typically is. 

This also  makes DetoxPlus an attractive solution for people who experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as not only does it aid bloating, it helps to regulate the bowels, freeing any trapped wind and easing constipation. 

Based on natural ingredients, including Oat Bran, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder and Rhubarb Root Powder, it’s safe to use without the risk of any serious side effects. 

DetoxPlus is supplied in 90 capsules per bottle. It’s recommend that you take 2 in the morning and 2 at night for 15 days then have a rest period of a week. After which you will continue the treatment by taking 2 capsules each night for 15 days. So the whole course of the treatment is completed in 30 days.


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  • Inexpensive way of detoxing and re-energising your body, helping you to banish that horrible bloating feeling we all experience from time to time.
  • You only need to take the DetoxPlus course of treatment once or twice yearly to retain the health benefits – – in fact the makers recommend not taking DetoxPlus for longer than 3 months in one go.



  • May make your bowel movements a little too regular if you get my drift. Make sure you’re close to a toilet particularly in the first week or so of taking these pills.
  • Some people have reported mild stomach cramps which seemed to ease up after a couple of days.


How Much Does DetoxPlus Cost:

The product costs  $31.25*/£19.95 plus delivery (free UK delivery available) from Evolution Slimming. The advantage of buying DetoxPlus directly from the manufacturer is that they also offer special deals where you can save as much as $40* /£25 if you buy 2 or 3 months supply.

You can also find DetoxPlus on for £19.99 plus free shipping (UK)

(*subject to currency fluctuations)


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