Does Capsiplex Work? A Few Things You Ought to Know

Does Capsiplex Work? A Few Things You Ought to Know

capsiplex tabletsDoes Capsiplex work? Why is it considered to be one of the most effective thermogenic fat burner pills on the market?

There’s certainly a big old buzz around these fat burning Capsiplex diet pills. Not just from celebrities or media such as Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, As Seen on TV and the Daily Mail. But also from real folk with real weight loss issues. Surely if all these people are reporting successful weight loss while taking Capsiplex, then it’s go to be true right?

Firstly, I rarely buy into celebrity fanfare and secondly, as far as I’m concerned there is a lot more to losing weight than a lot of these types of pills seem to claim. But I’m a sceptic and I realize that a lot of people are repeat buying Capsiplex for a major reason – it somehow contributes to making their weight loss faster and easier. Now who doesn’t want to lose weight fast?

Does that mean that these pills will help with your weight loss too? While everything and anything is possible, each individual is different. The one thing you can do to find out if Capsiplex will work for you is to test it yourself. But before you run off to buy a pack of Capsiplex, I’d like you to know a few things about this popular fat burner and how it works.

Capsiplex Review

What Exactly is Capsiplex and How Does it Work?

Capsiplex also known as the chilli diet pill, is a unique blend of capsicum (otherwise known as chilli pepper), niacin and piperine which collectively work to give your metabolism a big boost. With your metabolism all fired up, you’re more likely to more calories and fat cells and subsequently lose weight.

According to the makers of this fiery little pill, Capsiplex is one of the most effective thermogenic fat burners because of the potential to burn up to 278 calories every single day. That’s equivalent to spending 25 minutes a day jogging. I can see how that little statement right there may be appealing to those of you who don’t like exercising or struggle to find the time. All I can say to that is regular exercise is majorly important for overall health and weight loss, regardless of whatever diet pills you’re taking… just sayin’.

The capsule has a patented coating to ensure that the capsicum does not cause any irritation to your mouth or stomach. It’s cleverly designed to only release the active ingredient once it hits the intestine.

As well having fat burning properties, Capsiplex may also act as an appetite suppressant too and as we know to lose weight you have to cut down on your food intake.

*** UPDATE*** There is also a newer variety of Capsiplex aptly titled Capsiplex Plus on account of that it has two additional ingredients which are said to help improve mood state. I won’t go into this pill on this review but do visit the official website for more information on Capsiplex Plus.

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Does Capsiplex Work?

One of the core ingredients of Capsiplex is Capsicum and this is significant because of the number of studies that have shown time and time again that red chillies have nutritional benefits for the body, including helping with weight loss.

According to these studies when we eat chillies our bodies begin to rapidly generate excess heat, sparking off an internal reaction to try to regulate our temperature. As a result of all this extra effort we end up burning calories which, as you know, leads to weight loss if calorie burning is sustained.

More support for the effectiveness of Casiplex pills comes from the manufacturers themselves. They commissioned a clinical study in which one group of subjects were given Capsiplex and the other group were given a placebo. Both groups were monitored carefully by doctors as they under went a series of tests measuring their states before and after exercising.

The trial found that those who took Capsiplex burned 3 times more calories before working out, burned 3% more calories during their work outs and up to 12 times more calories during the first hour after their work out a compared to the group that were given the dummy pills. That’s a total of 278 more calories burned. Plus the Capsiplex group also reported higher oxygen level and air flow, indicating that the pills had contributed to an increase in their overall energy levels too.

As far as I can see this study was only ever carried out once. Who knows if the same results would be repeated a second time with a different set of subjects. At least the study was conducted on human subjects (surprisingly some drugs companies only test on animals).

Also, I think an independent study of Capsiplex would need to take place before I could say conclusively that it works. That would at least address any possible conflict of interest issues arising from the trial.

Reading in between the lines of this piece of research,the  Capsiplex users in the trial seemed to get the full benefit of the pill when it was combined with other weight reducing activities such as exercise. So don’t hang up the skipping ropes, dumbbells or gym pass just yet.


How Much Weight Will You Lose with Capsiplex?

Everyone loses weight at different rates, so it really does depend on your body type. However, the manufacturers offer a rough guide of between 1-3lbs per week.


How Many Pills Will You Need to Take a Day?

You’ll only need to take one Capsipex pill daily with water and preferably at least an hour before you go for a workout. According to the manufacturers, you may achieve faster results by following this step.


Reasons to Buy Capsiplex Diet  Pills?

  • Results from clinical trials conducted on humans seem to indicate that Capsiplex may help with weight management.
  • You may experience an increase in the rate at which your body burns both fat and carbs; a great double whammy for really getting at the crux of your weight loss problem.
  • It’s an appetite suppressant! You may find you’re actually not as hungry as usual while on Capsiplex. In affect you’ll be reducing your calorie intake whilst, allowing your body to burn up to 278 calories per day. 
  • The presence of niacin as an ingredient in Capsiplex may offer further benefits in raising the levels good cholesterol in the body and promoting healthy hearts
  • Some Capsiplex users reported an increase in energy so you may feel more perky and have a bit more ‘get up and go’ than usual.


 The Cons to Taking Capsiplex:

  • The calorie burning effect of the pills only applies when you take them, so there is a possibility that you may put the weight back on if you stop using the pills. However, if you’ve been partaking in regular exercise and continue to do so when you come off the pills you shouldn’t have an issue.
  • Too many people fall into the trap of not eating a balanced diet while on Capsiplex and this inevitably leads to failure. It would be great if the manufacturers stressed the importance of maintaining a good diet and how that could lead to better weight loss results while taking the fat burner.
  • If you’re allergic or even suspect that you may be allergic to all things chilli related, you might want to sit this one out seeing as thought Capsicum is the active ingredient in Capsiplex.
  • These tablets aren’t cheap, but then again neither is gym membership or other weight loss aids. It all depends on whether you think this supplement is a good investment in your future health and weight loss.


How Much Does Capsiplex Cost?

You can by Capsiplex online with prices starting at around $45.00 or £29.99 for 1 months supply, however there are real savings to be had by buying in bulk. For example if you buy 5 months supply, you’ll get an extra 2 months supply for free.


Is Capsiplex Worth Trying?

Does Capsiplex work? Overall people report that Capsiplex does seem to help with their weight loss issues.  Will it work for you? It may or it may not, depending on your lifestyle. Remember, the one guaranteed way to lose weight is through exercise and diet; these pills should be considered as an aid which may help you lose weight faster.

Going by the number of consumers who place re-order after re-order, Capsiplex is extremely popular and appears to be an effective thermogenic fat burner pill for many. A lot of people clearly have confidence in Capsiplex otherwise why would they buy it a second, third or even forth time?

If you’re looking to add diet pill to your diet, a clinically assessed supplement such as Capsiplex may be one of your better options. Visit the official site for more information and details of current special deals on Capsiplex.

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