Does Green Tea Help Weight Loss or is it Another Dirty Lie?

Does Green Tea Help Weight Loss or is it Another Dirty Lie?

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Green tea is a popular and inexpensive healthy beverage that many people swear by, but does green tea help with weight loss? And if so how?

If you’ve been desperately trying to lose weight the natural way, you may very well be interested in finding out more about green teas and green tea supplements.


Because they contain powerful properties that have proven to help you regulate your weight more effectively.

Not only is green tea relatively inexpensive as far as weight loss options go, it’s also a safe option that provides a number of additional health benefits.

Green  Tea Benefits – How Does Green Tea Aid weight Loss?

Ultimately, there really are only two ways to lose weight: firstly, by eating less in a bid to reduce your overall calorie intake and secondly, by burning more calories than you consume.

In order to do the second part well, you need energy, and lots of it. This is where green tea products have proven to be successful.

Studies have confirmed that green tea contains high levels of catechin, an antioxidant that helps to control weight by stimulating the body’s thermogenesis process. This in essence promotes the increase of energy and the breakdown of fatty cells in your body. It’s said that green tea can increase energy levels by as much as 4%.

Now whilst you could argue that most of the compounds found in plants can produce the same effect, they don’t all act in the same way. What makes green tea unique is that it doesn’t increase your heart rate, unlike certain dietary supplements that claim to stimulate thermogenesis such as ephidrine.

Let’s face facts shall we, if you’re overweight you’re putting yourself at risk of developing hypertension and other forms of cardiovascular disease. Therefore selecting supplements which do not put added pressure on your heart, such as green tea, makes for a wise decision.

Fortunately drugs like ephidrine are not usually recommended if you fall into the cardiac risk category. Green tea is very much considered the best option.  And just think how much more you can increase your activity levels without increasing the risk of developing or worsening cardiac problems. It means you’ll be able to exercise more, which will also help you to lose weight quicker. Not just that, the antioxidants contained in green tea may be beneficial to your health in other ways too. Green tea is said to strengthen your immune system and fight against disease.

What’s great about green tea is that it’s so simple to add to your diet. If you already enjoy the occasional cup of tea, all you have to do is switch it out for green tea. No need to fuss with milk or sweeteners either, because they are simply not required with this tea.

So to wrap things up,  does green tea help with weight loss? Well the evidence presented certainly seems to point to the conclusion that it sure does.

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