Does Meratol Work? Discover How Meratol May Help with Weight Loss

Does Meratol Work? Discover How Meratol May Help with Weight Loss

meratol reviewDoes Meratol work as far as helping you to lose real weight?

According to the manufacturers of  Meratol, this carb blocking pill has been helping people to lose between 3-5lbs each week. But is this pill the best weight loss solution for everyone?

Stick with me as I attempt to break this pill down for you.

I’ll look the ingredients that make up Meratol, the good things about Meratol as well as the not so good.


Meratol Review

What is Meratol?

Meratol is still a relatively new slimming pill which is often referred to as a carb blocker. It’s actually a food supplement as opposed to a drug and it’s said to help people lose weight by increasing metabolism, raising energy levels and blocking carbohydrates in the body.

Meratol Ingredients 

Meratol contains four main ingredients, all of which are 100% natural, which target different aspects of weight loss:

  • Prickly Pear Cactus – this is found in a number of herbal medicines and is renowned for it’s antioxidant and diuretic properties. The fibers of this cacti work to bind fat and stop it from being absorbed by the body. 
  • Brown Seaweed Extract – this is a concoction of marine polyphenols, minerals and trace elements which are responsible for reducing the absorption of carbohydrates in body. This seaweed also interacts with the thyroid to help boost metabolism.
  • Capsicum Extract – commonly referred to as chilli peppers, this ingredient speeds up the metabolism and aids in the fat and calorie burning process.
  • Cactus Extract –  now as well as playing a role in reducing fat and cholesterol levels, this extract also helps to regulate bodily sugar levels; lowering the craving for food.

Meratol Review: The Good

Having just been launched in early 2010, Meratol has steadily risen in the popularity stakes due to the media attention it received following the dramatic weight loss of UK reality TV star, Lauren Goodger from The Only Way is Essex.

The self confessed party girl admitted to piling on the pounds on the show but was determined to regain her former weight. So Lauren turned to Meratol. She reportedly dropped dresses from a UK 14 to a UK 10 within a matter of months and has been singing the praises of the diet supplement ever since.

Lauren claims to feel much more confident and sexier than ever before as a direct result of using Meratol.

The thing I really like about Lauren’s testimonial is that she points out with honesty that Meratol doesn’t lead to dramatic weight loss – what it does is give you an extra boost to make weight loss easier. The reason why Meratol worked so well for Lauren was because she combined it with a healthy eating and exercise plan, allowing her to lose weight naturally.

In fact when you visit the official Meratol site, you’ll see they are quite clear that Meratol is designed to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise  regimen. Now you have to admire the transparency of the manufacturers – it’s really refreshing to see such a product promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle rather than selling a ‘magical pill’ solution like many of their competitors.

 meratol review


Reasons Why You’d Want to Buy Meratol:

  • It contains 100% natural ingredients which may help you lose between 3-5lbs of body fat weekly.
  • It may suppress your appetite so you’re less prone to snacking.
  • It may speed up your metabolism, helping you to burn calories and lose weight quicker than if you weren’t taking it.
  • There are other health benefits associated with taking Meratol which could also help with weight loss. You may experience having more energy, feeling less tired and being more alert.

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Meratol Review: The Bad

Now I did go looking to see if there were any reported Meratol side effects, but so far I haven’t discovered anything hazardous. But then, Meratol is a naturally based health supplement, not a drug so that could explain the lack of dirt on this product.

One thing I did find is a small percentage of people who said that Meratol didn’t work for them. I don’t have the answers as to why it didn’t work, but I can only speculate that;

  1. some people struggled to keep up with the healthy diet/exercise part or
  2. as everyone’s bodies are different and react differently to weight loss products, perhaps these supplements are too much of a slow burner for some.

You could hit gold when you buy your first supply of Meratol and find it helps you to lose a lot of weight. Or you may be disappointed at not seeing results quickly enough and end up writing off Meratol as a scam product.

Does Meratol Work?

Meratol does seem to work for many people. The thing to remember is it’s a supplement best suited to people who are already following a healthy weight loss plan and just need a little boost to speed things up.

If you fall into this category, chances are it may work for you too. For further information on Meratol, along with details of the latest special offers visit the official website here.