Exercise For Beginners - How to Get Physical For Weight Loss

Exercise For Beginners – How to Get Physical For Weight Loss

exercise for beginnersOK, so you’re an exercise beginner and for one reason or another you just never got into the whole workout thing. To be honest for a lot of us we ‘learnt’ how to dislike exercise and sports in school.

At school you generally fell into one of two categories when it came to physical education;

You either:

A)     excelled at exercise and was always amongst the first choice when teams were being picked. Subsequently you grew up to love sport and exercise.

B)      sucked so bad you learnt to find creative ways of conveniently forgetting your gym kit or getting out of gym class altogether. Subsequently you grew up to hate sport and exercise.

Obviously these are pretty broad categories but I think you get the point I’m trying to make here. Fast forward to adulthood and that dislike for exercise is still there, buried deep down some place. Although the older you get the more you’re coming to realise that you should really start to get a bit more active.

You’re desperate to shed some weight, the bones are creaking a little more than they should and you get out of breath far too easily climbing a flight of stairs. Perhaps you’ve been meaning to start exercise for weight loss purposes but haven’t quite found the time. Maybe you just don’t have a clue about where to start and are too embarrassed or reluctant to join a gym.  Whatever the reason, it’s now finally crunch time and you want need to do some form of exercise, fast.

Yes starting a new exercise regimen is daunting but are you going to let that put you off? Especially when you know by not exercising you’re holding yourself back. Not only in terms of losing some serious weight, but from improving your overall health and well being.

You might also think that exercising is going to be a drain on your time, but this is not necessarily the case. The Department of Health and Human Services state the average adult needs only 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, 5 times a week, to stay fit and healthy.

Still, the thought of 30 minutes of physical exercise to someone who has barely worked out in their life or is severely overweight can be kinda scary. But think of it this way, even if you started out with just 20 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week, you’d still be adding value to your long term health and weight loss goals. The main thing is that you do SOMETHING.

Getting into a regular routine of exercise is something which will take time to achieve. To be successful at it you need to start looking to develop an exercise habit. Once you have that down, it won’t feel like so much of a chore every time you go for a workout.

To give you a few ideas of what sorts of things you can do to help ease yourself into exercise, I’ve listed a few pointers below. Do note, that before starting up a new exercise regimen it’s always good idea to pay your doctor a quick visit.  Just to make sure you don’t have any underlying health issues which could put you in danger.

1. Step up your activity levels around the home: Did you know the simple task of house cleaning zaps up the calories? If you’ve got a large house with a long staircase, even better. Just think, every time you bend down to polish something or reach up to dust that top shelf, you’re consuming calories and therefore burning the fat away.

That also extends to the activities you do in the garden. Things like mowing the lawn, weeding and digging are all fantastic ways to get your heart rate up and your body burning calories.

2. Take a walk: Walking is a great way to keep yourself trim and slowly build up your physical activity levels. It’s something we do every day, yet is the most understated form of exercise for weight loss. I know we have cars and other modes of transport to take us to where we need to get to. But for those short journeys, like popping down to the local store, try walking instead. Get yourself down to your local park and go for a wander.  Not only are you doing the environment some good by not driving everywhere but your heart will love you for it too.

Treat yourself to a Fitbit Activity Tracker  or even a Striiv Pocket Pedometer. That way you can see just how many steps you’ve taken each day along with how many calories you’ve burned. They’re both great gadgets to keep you focused and motivated to walk more.

3. Consider buying a home workout DVD: There are plenty to choose from on the market for very reasonable prices. You get to workout from the comfort of your own home, at a pace which works well for you.

Just be sure to choose the best workout DVD to meet your needs. Weight loss exercise programs such as Supreme 90 Days and Billy Blanks pt 24 7 incorporate a healthy eating plan into their workouts which is an added bonus. I mean it would sure take away the additional stress of knowing the right foods to eat whilst on an exercise for weight loss plan right?

4. Pick an activity you like: What are you into? Dancing… Running… Swimming… Being a gym bunny? Whatever it is make sure it’s something you feel you will enjoy long term. That way you’ll look forward to your activity and it will become a part of your lifestyle.

I hope you found these exercise for beginner tips helpful. Just remember the most important thing is to take action. Do something now, today! Don’t let those little voices in your head tell you to start tomorrow (unless of course you’re reading this at 2am in the morning!)

As a good friend once said to me ‘why put off what you can do today for a tomorrow which may never come’. So go for it. Exercise for weight loss, health and for a brand new super you.

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