4 Good Diet Foods That Stop You from Getting Fat

4 Good Diet Foods That Stop You from Getting Fat

good diet foodsThe struggle with weight loss can make you feel really down – you may even feel as though you’re fighting a losing battle. But your secret weapon lies in the good diet foods you’re just about to discover in this article.

There is no need to starve yourself slim and feel miserable about food.

You just have to be mindful about the types of food you eat and how quickly you want to achieve your end goal.

The foods we’ll be looking at are by no means magical. They’re not even that special compared to other diet foods. But what they are, are simple everyday food’s which taste good and just happen to help you lose weight.

The key to the foods I’m about to share with you ultimately comes down to the way in which they are processed during digestion. Your body needs to work a lot harder to consume these foods. And the harder your body has to work, the more calories you’ll burn and the quicker you will lose weight. Increasing the rate at which your body burns calories becomes even more of a necessity the older you get, as your metabolic rate slows down considerably.

There’s a common term I’m sure you’ve come across, called the ‘middle age spread’ – weight seems just that little bit more difficult to shift and you start to notice your waistline getting just that little bit bigger. Your body is not burning fat as quickly as it used to when you were younger.

That’s where these good diet foods come into play, to really help with boosting your metabolism. Let’s explore these foods further:

1. Peanut butter:

Yes shock horror its peanut butter! Despite the fat content and high calorie levels, peanut butter is a great substitute for ordinary butter. Whereas regular butter, is rich in fat, peanut butter is rich in protein and fibre – both of which will help you lose weight quickly. Protein is great for burning fat by building lean muscle mass, whilst fibre makes you work that little bit harder when eating and digesting food. Ultimately this helps with suppressing your appetite for longer.

In addition to the protein and fibre, peanut butter is packed with vitamins and minerals which help to sustain a healthy heart and keep diabetes away. You can buy peanut butter from pretty much anywhere, although I would suggest that you stick with the 100% natural products such as Skippy Peanut Butter and steer of the commercial varieties. If you’re a little bit handy in the kitchen you could even make your own.

Like all things you still need to exercise moderation with this food, but due to the hunger satisfying ability of peanut butter, you’re likely to feel full after a couple of tablespoons anyway. Either way, peanut butter combined with wholegrain wheat, makes for a great breakfast or healthy snack option.

2. Almonds:

These are a personal favourite of mine which I never tire of eating!

Although almonds obviously belong to the nut family, they fall into the good fats category. Good fats supply your body with essential vitamins and minerals including fatty acids. As with peanut butter, almonds are also rich in fibre and protein, providing you with the associated benefits to help you lose weight quicker.

3. Beans:

Did you know that beans make a great appetite suppressant? Well you do now. And, surprise surprise, that’s down to the high levels of fibre present in beans.

Your success in losing weight really does come down to your ability to eat less food. So it stands to reason that if you don’t feel hungry, you won’t want to eat. Try adding a few beans to your meal today and notice how much fuller your stomach is after eating.

4. Green Tea:

OK so this one is more of a beverage as opposed to a food but it’s still a good diet option. Now I’m not saying that regular tea is bad for you (unless you’re drinking gallons of it), it’s just that green tea is infused with fat burning chemicals and antioxidants which will help to regulate your weight and manage your cholesterol levels.

Is it any wonder green tea as an ingredient is featured heavily in many weight loss supplements on the market? If you’re already in the habit of drinking tea then making the switch to green tea won’t be too difficult. Give it a go the next time you go to make yourself a cuppa.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in good diet foods, start adding these to your meal plans. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how such simple food can really help you to lose weight quickly.



photo credits: Kevin P