How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight When All You Want is Cake

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight When All You Want is Cake


How to get motivated to lose weight really comes down to one thing, and that’s your ‘why’ factor. You see it isn’t enough to simply say you’re fed up with being overweight.

Dwelling on how big your stomach is or rolling your eyes at your wobbly thighs isn’t very motivating. Yes, it may get you thinking about losing weight, but it sure won’t keep you on track for very long.


how to get motivated to lose weight

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So, if you really want to pump yourself up to do battle with your stubborn flabby bits, you need to get low and dirty with your reasons for wanting to do so. Let’s take a look at a few motivational reasons which may help you stick to your weight loss plan for the long term.

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight 101

Fun Weight Loss Motivators

You want to be THAT girl swanning around in cuter clothes.

It doesn’t matter how old you are; if you can rock a pair of tiny shorts and killer heels, who cares if you’re over 40. No one can say a damn thing if you’re legs are toned, you’re stomach is flat and you’re looking simply fabulous.

We all know that the really stylish clothes often come in smaller sizes. It’s just the way it is. So if you want to get out of your over-sized tee-shirts and baggy jeans, daydream about how you’ll feel in something a little more trendy. It will certainly keep you focused on achieving your weight loss goals. Do you have a skirt or pair of jeans tucked into the back of your closet that you’d love to wear again? Don’t hide them away, pull them out and let them remind you of what it felt like to be slim. Then focus on being able to wear them again. What a great way to bring back that motivation to lose weight!

Win a bet with a friend or mother-in-law. Whether you like your mother-in-law or not is beside the point with this one. Having someone you can compete with is a great way to boost your efforts, keep you focused and make you work harder to reach your desired weight.

Workout with Billy Blanks or Jillian Michaels on TV.  A home workout DVD is great for getting you up off the couch and shaking your thing along with the fitness stars.  Prove to yourself that you can keep up with them and you’ll be losing weight while working on increasing your stamina and endurance levels.

Motivators That Tug at the Heart Strings

This is one for the moms and pops. I’m sure I’m right when I say, you’d do anything for your kids. And I’m sure you know that kids can be darn right cruel at times. Kids love to tease one another and use any ammunition they can get their little hands on.  Children of overweight parents will inevitably be exposed to the ‘your momma is so fat’ jokes. No one wants that for their kids. So, isn’t losing the extra weight for your child a great motivator to finally get the job done?

Many people have lost weight to benefit their children, so they could have more energy to do things like kicking a ball around the park or other fun outdoor activities. If you’re having a hard time finding the motivation for yourself, maybe it’s time to do it for your children or even your spouse if you don’t have kids.

Wanting to get out and have a life is a great motivator for getting in shape, period. So go for it!

How about doing something for a good cause like running a charity marathon? Imagine what an achievement it would be to say YOU ran a marathon. The best bit is that you’ll be contributing something great to people in need as well as working on your fitness and improving your overall health.

Sneaky Ways to Motivate Yourself

Getting motivated to lose weight is tough… We know this. And that’s why sometimes the right, or best reasons to lose a few pounds aren’t enough to actually get you off the couch to start doing something about it. Maybe you need a sneaky little reason to get it done.  If that rings true to you, perhaps one of the following reasons may help with your weight loss motivation.

OK, this is a little devious but how about making your spouse jealous? I’m not talking about sending them into a blind rage or anything crazy like that, I’m just saying up your game a little. This one is a great technique to use if you’re in a relationship where your spouse could do with losing weight too. You want to create just enough competition that will keep you motivated to stay on track with your goal.

Or, another sneaky trick is to make your ex-partner jealous. If you’ve gone through a divorce or a bad breakup, having a jealous ex can be another good motivator (hmm… as long as they don’t exhibit psychopathic tendencies).

Sometimes having that, “I’ll show you fool” attitude is a good thing. It can keep you focused on your goals and really push you into ridding yourself of that extra weight.

A final sneaky tip worth trying is challenging yourself to get more attention from the opposite sex. Drawing the attention of a hottie is a great motivator and self esteem booster that naturally this works best if you’re single or are ready to start dating again after a bad relationship. Just think, an additional benefit could be landing yourself a new partner.

But hey, if you’re already in a relationship, ignore my advice here and move on down to the next tip. I ain’t no home-wrecker!

Top Motivators for Weight Loss

Your number one reason for losing weight should be a totally selfish one. And that is that YOU want to look good and feel better for YOU. It’s simply the best ‘why’ for kicking off and sticking to your weight loss plan. Focus on how you would feel to look at a simmer, hotter version of you in the mirror every morning. Then keep those feelings and thoughts in the forefront of your mind.

Not only will losing weight give you more energy and help you fit into cuter outfits, the benefits that weight loss has on your emotional and mental well-being are great motivators too.

Of course the whole point of losing weight is to improve your health. This is a hugely beneficial reason to start a weight loss plan, particularly if your health has started to suffer or you just want to prevent the onset of medical conditions that are caused by being overweight and out of shape.


So are you still wondering how to get motivated to lose weight? Perhaps there’s some other technique you’ve thought of that will help you with your motivation to lose weight. Whatever you’re experiences are feel free to share them in the comments section.

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