Inner Thigh Workouts: 3 Simple Thigh Exercises You Can Do at Home

Inner Thigh Workouts: 3 Simple Thigh Exercises You Can Do at Home

inner thigh workouts

Do you feel as though your inner thigh area is just impossible to tone?

Does the thought of the next bikini season fill you with dread? Would you love to feel confident about wearing a pair of shorts this summer?

Well you can.

There are a few very simple, yet effective inner thigh workouts which will get your legs looking lean, sleek and sexy in next to no time.

With the summer practically around the corner, now is the best time to crack the whip and start a thigh busting workout regimen.


So without much further ado, let me talk you through 3 inner thigh workouts which will help you lose weight on your thighs.


Chair Ball Squeezes

You will need:

  • a medium soft medicine ball of around 6 to 12 pounds in weight
  • a chair or bench to sit on

In a seated position place the medicine ball between your knees (note that you should be sitting right on the edge of your chair).

Now squeeze your knees together and hold the squeeze for a slow count of 5.

Gently release the squeeze for a count of 5 whilst continuing to hold the ball between your knees (don’t you dare drop that ball!).

Rest for 1 second.

Keep repeating the squeezing exercises for a set of 10 to 15 repetitions.


Standing Ball Squats

You will need:

Standing with your back to the wall, allow your stability ball to rest between your lower back and the wall – your feet should be shoulder width apart.

Keeping your back straight and in line with your hips, slowly lower your body downwards by bending your knees.

You want to hover at about 10 inches from the ground.

Now hold that squat for 4 seconds before slowly standing back up.

Continue doing this for a count of 5 repetitions, and then take a rest for no longer than 40 seconds.

Increase the number of sets and repetitions over time.

For example, you may want to work your way up to doing 3 sets with 5 repetitions, then 8 sets with 5 or 6 repetitions, and then 10 sets with 6 or 7 repetitions and so.


stability ball size chart
Choose the right stability ball for your size

Pilé Squats

You will need [optional]:

  •  a dumbbells approx. 3-5lbs in weight (2 cans of tinned food will also work)

In a standing position open your legs shoulder width apart. Your toes should be turned outwards (think of a ballerina).

Keep your head, shoulders and glutes in line with the rest of your body.

Now slowly squat down to a seated position then stand back up.

Continue doing 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

Once again, you can work on the principle of slowly building up the number of sets and reps as your legs become stronger.

For increased resistance and intensity do the same squats whilst holding a dumbbell in each hand.


To achieve a fuller workout try combining the moves above with 5 minutes of cardio in between each set of exercises. It doesn’t have to be fancy; you can jog on the spot or dance crazily to some music for 5 minutes.

For inner thigh workouts which focus on the entire lower body and reduce thigh fat fast check out the Ultimate Leg, Butt, Hip & Thigh Program. It’s a great thigh slimming program packed with lots of tips and tricks.


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