Motivations for Losing Weight

Motivations for Losing Weight

motivations for losing weightYou will undoubtedly know what your own motivations are for losing weight, but isn’t it interesting knowing what makes people want to take action.

I’ve compiled a list just for the fun of it. Some of these may be relevant to you, some may not.




30 Motivational Reasons Why You Should Lose Weight

  1. Improve your health and mortality
  2. Fit into those jeans which have been sitting in your wardrobe (unworn) for the last 10 months
  3. Get into that bikini for summer
  4. Reduced risk of diabetes, arthritis, back pain, blood circulatory problems and heart conditions
  5. Stop feeling embarrassed or worried about whether you will fit into that seat on the bus or train
  6. Improve your self esteem – feel better about yourself and the way you look
  7. Not having to put up with doctors/family/friends nagging you to lose weight
  8. Buy the clothes you love, love, love! Not just the ones which happen to be in your size (common we all know designers favour the slim chicks!)
  9. Shaking the ‘all fat people are lazy/bubbly/eat too much’ stereotype
  10. Have more energy to play with your kids, dog, cat, hamster, gerbil (you get the picture)
  11. Feel more confident about your body in relationships
  12. Your best friend just lost a shed load of weight so now you’re the only ‘big girl/boy’ in your group of friends
  13. Skinny jeans!
  14. No more squeezing, contouring the body, breathing in and fighting with zippers
  15. Take on a new pastime like parachuting, abseiling, canoeing or diving
  16. Live your life to the maximum
  17. Never feel like you have to justify having excess weight
  18. Being asked ‘have you lost weight?’ followed by ‘you look great’
  19. Be a role model for those struggling to lose weight too
  20. Not looking like you are pregnant when you aren’t
  21. Create a new photo album with gorgeous pictures of you looking toned, healthy and sexy
  22. Save money on weight loss supplements
  23. Genuinely look forward to summer when you can get to show more of your body off
  24. Becoming less obsessed about your weight
  25. Eat ice cream/cake/cookies/chocolate without feeling guilty
  26. Not having to go anywhere near the Plus size range when you go shopping
  27. Not secretly feeling like your other half is embarrassed to be seen with you
  28. Attract a new boyfriend/girlfriend – let’s face it your physical appearance matters
  29. Not having to endure ‘that look’ when you walk into a restaurant
  30. When you do finally get to your goal weight, its one heck of an achievement!


photo credits: dawn-pinkchick