Shake Weight for Men Review

Shake Weight for Men Review

shake weight for men When I first saw the Shake Weight for Men advertisements for I truly believed I had stepped into a parallel universe to end all parallel universes. Could it really be true that you can get a magnificently buff, tight, ripped upper body with a vibrating dumbbell whilst working out for only 6 minutes a day?

Now I’m obviously not a guy but as a woman you men may or may not appreciate a female’s perspective here. On watching the testosterone fuelled infomercial, my first reaction was ‘no way, this HAS to be a joke’.

FREE instructional DVD with the Shake Weight for Men

In fact I just had to watch it twice (OK 5 times, then I thoughtfully passed it around to all my friends) – – obviously purely for research purposes … no perversion, drooling or hysterical laughing on my part at all.


I think the point I’m trying to make is that The Shake Weight for Men will make you look like a complete tool. However, my friends and I all concur that it’s kind of hot to watch so who cares whether it works or not. I am of course saying this in jest. Clearly the Shake Weight is a popular little gadget. Since its introduction in 2009, sales have spiked, big time. Two million Shake Weight’s were sold in August 2010 accounting for around $40m in revenue and this has been steadily climbing ever since.

What is the Shake Weight for Men and how does it Work?

Apparently the female version did so well that the men got ‘Shake Weight envy’ and that’s how the Shake Weight for Men was born. In essence it’s a dumbbell which is spring loaded on each side. When you shake it up and down you’re giving your upper body an intensive workout. No batteries required with this one, the power comes from how hard and fast you shake it.

The Shake Weight for Men weighs 5lbs and relies on the ‘revolutionary’ notion of Dynamic Inertia. I’m still trying to work that one out but basically it’s to do with the shaking action. After a few minutes of shaking this thing, you’ll be super ripped … apparently. Doesn’t that make you just want to go out and buy it now?

To add credibility to their claims the people behind the Shake Weight commissioned their very own study – – the upshot being that the Shake Weight for Men (when shaken for 6 minutes) provided the equivalent workout to 42 minutes with an ordinary dumbbell. You can view or download the full report here.

The Shake Weight for Men Video:

Does The Shake Weight Work?

The verdict remains mixed. Some men rave about how much more muscle definition they can see, whilst others scoff at its efficacy in getting the job done.

If you’re already used to pumping weights then I very much doubt the Shake Weight will make much difference. You guys are already there (or well on the way) and you’ll be wanting to step your training up to the next level. But for those who want to kick start a workout regime then it may be worth a shot; if only to get you doing something rather than not exercising at all.

Get a firmer, tighter upper body with the Shake Weight for Men


  • If you can do this with a straight face and dedicate yourself to shaking your weight on a regular basis, then you’re a better person than many out there. You will feel the burn, you will see a difference and you will be well pleased with your success.
  • You get a 100% 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied – – this includes the shipping costs too.


  • Unless you already have the physical frame of a bodybuilder do not expect the Shake Weight to get you looking like the male models in the infomercial. They are MALE MODELS who have probably spent years cultivating their look and I’m pretty sure they do a little more than 6 minutes of Shake Weight a day to keep in such good shape.
  • It’s not battery operated! That’s right it’s not a magical gadget which will do all the hard work for you.
  • It might take a bit of time to getting used to the grip depending on your hand size, as the handle can be awkward to grasp.
  • Some might find the DVD which comes with the Shake Weight a bi t simplistic. The instructions have been described as easy to follow, but greater variance in terms of the exercises wouldn’t go a miss.
  • For the over enthusiastic there is a risk of repetitive strain injury if not used in accordance to the instructions.
  • It can be a bit of a noisy bugger.
  • It just looks so wrong when you’re doing it. So unless you want to be the butt of everyone’s dirty jokes you’re probably better off doing this alone … perhaps in a darkened closet some place.

shake weight for men dumbell

The Classic Shake Weight for Men comes with FREE shipping when purchased from Amazon.  You also get a free instructional DVD.


If the Shake Weight seems like it could be the gadget for you, great go for it. Just have in the back of your mind that it’s practically impossible to spot train a particular part of the body for weight loss. You’d need to combine your Shake Weight routine with a good blast of cardio and protein packed meals to get the full benefits of the workout.

Buy the Shake Weight for Men here

If you’re finding that the lady in your life is getting a bit too interested in your Shake Weight, check out the The Shake Weight Review (female version). We already steal the food off your plate and the shirt off your backs – – don’t let us try to steal your Shake Weight too.

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