The Shake Weight Review (Female Version)

The Shake Weight Review (Female Version)

shake weight for womenWhat would you think if I said you could tone your flabby arms in just short 6 minute bursts per day? Well according to the Shake Weight, you can do just that!The Shake Weight for Women

Ahh yes the Shake Weight! No doubt you’ve heard about this one, there are parodies all over the internet taking a pop at the Shake Weight. Fair enough it does look kind of dirty when it’s in full motion. But that’s only because we’ve all got filthy, filthy minds – – what is one to expect when presented with something as overtly phallic as the Shake Weight?

The Shake Weight is a tool to help tone muscles … upper body muscles, yet it’s just the funniest piece of, umm, equipment I’ve seen in a long time. Even writing this review is giving me the giggles. Still people swear by their Shake Weights so something must be working for them.

In fact since the introduction of the Shake Weight in July 2009, sales of the product have gone from strength to strength. By August 2010 approximately 2 million Shake Weight’s were sold, equating to $40m in revenue. Not bad going for something so highly ridiculed.

Get slimmer arms with Shake Weight for women

What is the Shake Weight for Women and how does it Work?

Basically it’s a dumbbell designed for women which is spring loaded on both sides.shake weight dynamic inertia When you shake it up and down you’re working to elongate and tone the muscles in your arms, chest and shoulders. It’s in no way motorised so don’t expect to have to buy any batteries. The power of this gadget comes from the intensity of how shake it – – the harder and faster you shake, the more you should feel the burn.

Ever heard of Dynamic Inertia? No neither have I, but apparently that’s what you get with the Shake Weight. I Googled it and although I didn’t get a definitive answer (well there was something in the Urban Dictionary, but we’ll just leave that one there) let’s just say it has everything to do with the shaking motion.

The Shake Weight weighs 2.5lbs, which sounds pretty lightweight but according to the manufacturers once you’ve spent a mere 6 minutes shaking this thing, you’ll know you’ve had a workout.

  Tone your flabby arms in just 6 minutes a day

 The Shake Weight Video:

Is the Shake Weight a Waste of Time?

Consumer feedback on the Shake Weight for Women is mixed. Clearly if you are someone who is used to lifting weights and/or participate in regular exercise, this is going to be something you will sniff at. Will a 2.5lb weight really be enough to further develop your upper body strength if you’re already reasonably fit?  Doubt it.There is just not going to be the level of resistance you want or need with the Shake Weight to get you to that next level.

However, if you’ve never exercised in your life or are just easing yourself back in after a long hiatus, then it’s probable you could see some benefit. After all it’s better to be doing SOMETHING rather than nothing and if this gets you to kick start your exercise regime, then why not. You can go right ahead and buy your Shake Weight now.


  • If you can do this with a straight face and remain committed to shaking your weight on a regular basis, then you’re a better person than most. You will feel the burn, you will see a difference and you will be pleased with your achievement.
  • Who can resist a great buy one get one FREE deal when they see one?
  • 100% 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely happy with your purchase – – includes the shipping costs too.

shake weight for women dumbellCons:

  • You won’t automatically see instant results in terms of muscle definition – – Everyone builds muscle at different rates so where as one person will see the benefits within a few days/weeks, it will take a lot longer for many people. Remaining motivated with the Shake Weight will likely be an issue.
  • Some people have commented that the handle isn’t particularly comfortable or easy to grip and can be cumbersome to hold when attempting some of the single handed exercises.
  • It’s not battery operated! That’s right it’s not a magical gadget which will do all the hard work for you.
  • The DVD which comes with the Shake Weight has been described as being too simplistic. Although the instructions are clear and easy to follow, few more variations of the exercises would be useful.
  • For the over enthusiastic there is a risk of repetitive strain injury if not used correctly.
  • It can be noisy which may be a distraction.
  • It just looks so wrong when you’re doing it. So unless you want to be the target of incessant innuendos you’re probably better doing this alone … in a darkened closet somewhere.

The Shake Weight comes with FREE shipping* when you buy from Amazon. You also get a free instructional DVD as part of the package.

Does The Shake Weight Work?

Is the Shake Weight just another gimmick? Possibly. Will it help to tone your flabby arms? Possibly. If you have been leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle the Shake Weight will at least get you up and doing some form of workout which is better than nothing, so it’s a start. Frankly it’s practically impossible to spot train a particular part of the body for weight loss. You’d need to combine the Shake Weight with a good dose of cardio and healthy eating to get the full benefits of the workout.

Buy your Shake Weight here


There’s also a Shake Weight for Men which works on the same principle, but it’s just heavier (5lbs). So ladies, as the man in your life will definitely be fascinated with your Shake Weight you can keep his greedy mitts off by getting him one of his own.

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