Is the SlimKick Patch the Best Diet Patch on the Market?

Is the SlimKick Patch the Best Diet Patch on the Market?

slimkick patch reviewsIf you’re looking for the best diet patch, you will love Slimkick patches.

Why? Because they play a huge role in helping to stop those awful hunger pangs that like to trick you into easting when you’re not even hungry.

Slimkick patches also help speed up your metabolic rate so that you burn fat fast, meaning that you lose weight faster then you normally would.


Sounding good so far? Great, read on for the full review.

SlimKick Patch Review

The SlimKick Patch is a popular weight loss patch which is not only easy to apply but effective in the areas of increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. The active ingredients in the SlimKick Patch are also said to improve the functioning of an under active thyroid gland.

Each tiny SlimKick Patch delivers a power packed concoction of the following natural herbs and nutrients:

  • Fucus Vesiculosus Extract (Bladderwrack) – boosts metabolism and is effective in treating an under active thyroid gland.
  • 5-HTP – as well as boosting your mood, 5-HTP helps to reduce cravings for food; particularly carbohydrates.
  • Guarana – provides a  slow releasing blast of natural caffeine to help maintain energy levels throughout the day.
  • Zinc Pyruvate – this is a key ingredient in many forms of weight loss supplement which helps with burning fat and promoting lean muscle mass.
  • DHEA – works to reduce ‘central obesity’ (otherwise known as belly fat).
  • Yerba Mate – another naturally occurring source of caffeine derived from South America. It is thought to re-energise the body as well as suppress appetite.
  • L-Carnitine – ever popular within the sporting community, this supplement helps with the development of lean muscle mass.

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How Does the SlimKick Patch Work?

Well you simply attach a single weight loss patch to a designated area of your body, somewhere discreet so you can cover it up with clothing.

The diet patch then slowly begins to release it’s weight reducing ingredients into the body through the skin. The great thing is that you only need to attach one patch to your body. That lasts a full 24 hours so you can literally set and forget it and go about your usual day as normal.

Reasons to Buy SlimKick Patch

  • Easy to use patches that can be applied in an instant. The convenience factor is second to none. If you currently take weight loss pills, you’ll know it can sometimes be a job in itself remembering to take them. Slimkick Patches, eliminate that burden.
  • You’ll feel an almost immediate boost in your energy levels as you start your journey to safe and steady weight loss.
  • You get a free diet plan with every order to help you manage your weight loss goals more effectively.
  • These patches come topped to brim with natural herbal ingredients which make them incredibly safe to use.
  • Peace of mind with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results, why should you have to lose out?

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SlimKick Side Effects & Things to Consider

  • Do bear in mind that slimming patches are not always as fast as many of the popular popular weight loss pills, so you”ll need to be patient while waiting to see the results.
  • Another thing you should be aware of is that for some, the patches may cause an allergic reaction. This could be due to the latex covering of the patch or even some of the ingredients. Just be sure to read through the list of ingredients carefully before you buy and if you see something which may cause you irritation, don’t even think of buying them. Consider other options like the Acai Patch or the Slim Weight Patch instead.

What’s the Best Deal on SlimKick Patches?

The standard boxes contain 30 patches, so they’ll last you a month. The price is fairly reasonable at around $46. But for real saving on the SlimKick Patches, go for the 4 months’ ultra pack.  This contains 120 patches and you’ll save yourself over $60 so it works out much better value.

Is it Worth Buying SlimKick Patches?

SlimKick Patches are made by a reputable company who have seen sales of this product grow steadily. These weight loss aids have all the signs of being one of the best diet patches as many people are buying them, repeatedly. That in itself is a very strong indicator that the patches do work.

Do be aware that these patches aren’t for individuals who want to lose weight in a real hurry. However, if it’s the slow and considered approach you are after and you’re looking for something which will put a stop to food cravings, you can do no wrong with at least giving the SlimKick Patch a trial run. Remember there is a 30 day money back guarantee if all is not well, but hopefully you’ll see the results that you desire.

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