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Striiv Pocket Pedometer

striiv pocket personal trainerAre you finding it hard to motivate yourself into starting that exercise program?

You have been meaning to start…. one day… soon… right?  OK, looks like you need to check out the Striiv Pocket Pedometer.

Improve your motivation to lose weight with Striiv

Striiv Review

Based on altimeter and 3 axis accelerometer technology, the Striiv, commonly referred to as the pocket personal trainer, is a key-ring sized pedometer which you can carry in your purse or clip on to your belt, jacket or pocket. It aims to get you geared up to achieving your health and fitness goals; whether that be to lose weight or to just get your activity levels up.

What’s different about the Striiv is not only does it count your steps and daily calorie intake, like most good pedometers do, it keeps you engaged by putting the FUN into exercise. It’s designed specifically to motivate you to move more. How? By interacting with you on a personal level and engaging your social conscious whilst you ‘strive’ to get fitter.

Now that sounds cool but how on earth does a gadgety type thing do that?

Striiv Gets You Motivated to Move More!

You know how hard it can sometimes be to get up off the couch, turn the TV off and start doing some sort of exercise. And if you’ve never really been into the whole working out thing, it’s even more difficult. But you know you need to do something. You know you want to increase your life expectancy, energy levels, mood, overall health and weight loss.

Even walking for at least 30 minutes a day can positively impact your fitness levels. In fact Doctors highly recommend it. However, with the busy lives we lead sometimes we find the only walking we do is to and from the car. It’s quicker and we just don’t feel compelled enough to walk. This is where the Striiv comes in. Now get this… people who own a Striiv, walk more.

The manufacturers of Striiv ran a number of tests comparing users to non users and found on average, that Striiv users walked for at least an hour a day more than non-Striiv users. Yes, I know, that’s just… dandy! Striiv, it appears, have very cleverly harnessed a way to get our lazy behinds motivated to walk more. How so? Well they have a number of sneaky tricks they use to dupe us.

striiv size

 The Games:

If you’ve ever enjoyed playing games like Farmville, Mafia Wars or Angry Birds on Facebook or your smartphone, you’ll know just how addictive they can be. Striiv has literally brought the phenomena of causal mobile and social gaming to the pedometer, by commissioning a number of expert games designers to build the games concept into the Striiv. And before you think this will only appeal to gamers, think again. The versatility of the Striiv device has mass appeal to anyone and everyone looking to lose weight and keep fit.

The games are an interactive add-on which will see you winning points and achieving level ups with each step you take. You’ll start wanting to take the stairs rather than the escalator or parking your car just that little bit further away from the office, in order to knock up a few more bonus points. And as I mentioned earlier, the Striiv Pocket Pedometer appeals to everyone – all ages. Just think, it will get the kids up, motivated to get fit and out the door.

The Walkathon:

What if you could give to charity just by being more active? You can with the Striiv Pocket Pedometer. Striiv’s wellness initiative has lined up a number of corporate sponsors who have pledged to give money to a charity on your behalf. It doesn’t cost you a cent either; well other than a few extra steps and maybe a couple of beads of sweat. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You walk and build up energy points with each step you take or stair you climb

Step 2: You synch your Striiv with your computer at the end of your day

Step 3: Your computer activates the donations which are then sent to your selected charity

How cool is that?

Striiv currently supports 3 charities so you get to choose from; a global polio immunisation project, a clean water project in South America or the save the rainforest project.

striiv fight polioThe Challenges:

Of which there are plenty. You’ll find yourself battling against your friends to see who can walk the furthest or the quickest. Or you could set solo challenges and goals to take your weight loss and fitness efforts to the next level.

What Comes in The Box?

–  Your Striiv device with a 2 inch high resolution colour LCD touchscreen

–  USB port/electrical adapter-

–  USB cable

–  Keychain adapter

–  Belt clip

–  2 Screen protectors

–  Instructions

–  Rechargeable battery (lasts approximately 1 week before needing to be recharged)

–  1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Mass appeal to all ages; particularly with getting kids interested in fitness from a young age
  • Will motivate you to not only achieve your goals quicker but to exceed them
  • You get customisable progress charts to visually see how well you’re doing
  • It’s lightweight and easy to use
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac, although it doesn’t need an internet connection to work
  • Works straight out of the box so no set up is required


  • The accuracy of the step counter is somewhat questionable, particularly if the Striiv is not worn close to the body
  • Only ships to the US at this time (see the Fitbit Activity Tracker for an alternative)

striiv results

Striiv Pocket Pedometer – The Verdict:

It really depends on what you’re looking for in a Pedometer. Is the Striiv as precise at accurately recording data as some of the other pedometers out there? Possibly not but one thing it does do ahead of others is it pushes you to take that extra step, pretty much like having a personal trainer breathing down your neck.

If you’re someone who needs that push and constant triggers of encouragement thorough the day, then the Striiv may very well work for you. It will motivate you to do something each day, drawing you just that little bit closer to your weight loss and fitness goals. Plus, I don’t know about you but I’m just loving the whole social conscious thing going on with the Striiv Pocket Pedometer – you help out people in need whilst burning calories and getting into shape. Ingenious!

Get your Striiv today

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