Supreme 90 Day Workout Review - Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast

Supreme 90 Day Review

supreme 90 day reviewAre you after a workout which will get you the results fast?

Great! You’ve made the decision that today is the day!

You’re finally going to do something to get your body into better shape and lose that weight?


Supreme 90 Day




The Supreme 90 Day Workout

If you’re after an exercise regime which packs a punch then you can do no wrong than to consider getting your hands on the Supreme 90 Day workout.

It’s not just another workout DVD, it’s a total body transformation system which will help you develop healthy eating habits along with strengthening your core muscles.

The result: a thinner, fitter, healthier body.


Here’s a list of all the goodies which come with Supreme 90 Day:

– a nutrition guide

– free online support

– a success chart to record your progress over the 90 days

– 10 DVDs including; 2 core and abs workouts, 5 strength training routines, 3 fat busting cardio routines

As an added bonus the Supreme 90 guys are throwing in the Supreme Rock Hard Abs DVD for FREE (although you’ll have to pay for the shipping – – but come on it’s a free extra!).

The instructor is a chap by the name of Tom Holland, who is just great to watch. Very motivational without being annoying or completely over the top. Make no mistake he’s tough but that’s just what you need.

Tom makes it his mission to get you fitter in 90 days but he does so with just the right balance of push pull to keep you engaged.


The Supreme 90 Day Workout


Each DVD in the Supreme 90 Day lasts approximately 30 minutes in length so it should be relatively easy to fit this into your daily routine. The workouts are based on short burst cardio activity encompassing compound exercises (where you move your upper and lower body simultaneously), strength training, plyometrics (high intensity movements involving jumping) and abdominal work.

You’ll get to focus on all major muscle groups in your body; chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, butt and abs. And you will ache in places you have never ached before.

There’s some basic workout equipment which will need to be purchased in order to get the most out of this training system; a decent set of dumbbells (of varying weights) and a stability ball. However, you can buy these items for a reasonable price and they also make a good investment for maintaining your fitness training.

 stability ball size chartchoose the right stability ball


Is Supreme 90 Day Effective?

Yes and let’s explore why.

For those of you who are used to exercising on a regular basis you’ve probably noticed there are times when you’re working out day in, day out but you don’t seem to be losing any more weight.

Yep, I’m talking about the dreaded weight loss plateau that affects so many of us. If you’ve ever experienced that you’ll know just how frustrating and de-motivating that can be. I mean you’ve really been busting a gut to lose the excess weight and nothing’s shifting!!!

Not changing up your exercise routine is one of the reasons why people find themselves in the middle of a weight loss plateau. Your simply body becomes so accustomed to the same level of muscle exertion and caloric burn that you’re workout soon becomes stagnant.

The Supreme 90 Day workout is designed specifically to tackle this issue.

Because of the high level of variety with the exercises you get with Supreme 90 Day, your body is in a constant state of challenge which confuses the muscles.

Just when they think they’ve got your workout pattern sussed out, you go and switch things up on them. Your muscles therefore don’t have time to get used to the exercises so you maintain maximum muscle exertion and subsequently lose weight.

And we all know how motivating it is to see the pounds rolling off our bodies.


jillian michaels dumbell setJillian Michaels Dumbell Set



  • For those of you who notice you’re constantly working out but not getting anywhere, this DVD is designed to tackle that problem with its concept of muscle confusion.
  • Supreme 90 Day is not just another boring exercise only DVD. You get nutritional advice, free online support as well as an interesting and challenging workout plan.
  • The program is extremely good value and won’t cst you an arm and a leg to buy, unlike other workouts.



  • One has to question just how realistic it is to ‘get ripped in 90 days’. A few people may be able to achieve this, but I very much doubt if everyone will. Just seems like an unrealistic expectation for many.
  • Supreme 90 Day is probably not the best DVD for absolute beginners (unless you’ve up for a real challenge) as Tom doesn’t spend as much time explaining correct body form.
  • The DVD is only available in region 1 at the moment, so anyone outside of the US or Canada will miss out.

The Supreme 90 Day workout comes with FREE shipping and an additional FREE abs workout.


Supreme 90 Day Review – The Verdict:

You get 10 workout DVDs for a very reasonable price – – I’d say its well worth giving Supreme 90 Day a try.

It’s a complete healthy weight loss system handed to you on a plate. Sure, the whole ‘get ripped in 90 days’ may be unachievable for many, but you will still see results whilst working at it in your own practical pace.


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