Tony Little Gazelle Edge

The Tony Little Gazelle Edge

tony little gazelle edgeOver the recent months I’ve noticed that the Tony Little Gazelle Edge has been drawing quite a following. Personally I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

It’s an elliptical machine (also known as an exercise glider or cross trainer); just one of the many on the market.

Still, as it seems to be a popular choice for a lot of people, I thought I’d spend some time actually doing a bit of research on the machine before totally writing it off.

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The Gazelle Edge is a high performance piece of equipment which is designed to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. It’s compact, measuring in at a mere 43 x 28 x 53.8 inches and weighing approximately 42 lbs, yet sturdy with a 1.5 inch rolled steel frame.

The main specifications and features of the Gazelle Edge include:

  • Extra wide foot platforms that are ‘non-skid’ for better stability
  • High density foam handlebars for a comfortable grip
  • Easy to use workout computer that tracks not just calories burned, but distance travelled, speed of travel and the time taken to time
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Maximum user weight capacity of around 250lbs
  • Patented with dual action split suspension that allows for a full range of motion

What’s good about the Gazelle Edge?

The first thing you’ll notice when you hop onto your Gazelle is that it runs very smoothly. And that’s saying a lot because technically, the Tony Little Gazelle Edge is classed as a budget elliptical exerciser.

Where most budget exercisers are jerky and awkward to handle, the Gazelle Edge moves gracefully, is comfortable and is extremely easy to use.  You can switch gears from a slow steady pace to a pace with a higher level of intensity, and you will still experience the same smooth motion.

As I’ve already mentioned, the Gazelle Edge is in the budget category for exercise gilders. So if you’re looking for something which offers great value for money then that’s what you will get. Whilst the Gazelle Edge lacks some of the features of the top of the range machines, it is certainly one of the better budget models currently available and it will do all the things you need it to do.

Another good thing about the Gazelle Edge is that it isn’t as heavy as some of the other elliptical exercisers out there and can be easily folded away to save space in your home.

It’s a pretty compact machine anyway but once folded you will be able to tuck it away in your closet or under your bed. Because it doesn’t weigh much, you don‘t have to worry about straining yourself each time you put it away.

tony little gazelle edge tracking

And now for the bad points:

A major disadvantage to the Gazelle Edge is that it doesn’t offer any resistance, which places restrictions on the ability to intensify your workout. That’s not to say you won’t lose any weight or you won’t feel yourself becoming fitter whilst working out on this machine. You just won’t be able to build up as much strengthen in your arms and legs as you would with the more expensive ellipticals.

The other disappointing thing about the Gazelle Edge is that it doesn’t have inbuilt workout programs. At best the onboard computer offers basic tracking of your stats, but that’s really it. Having said that, this is a basic machine and you will get basic functionality. If you really can’t live with that, then dig deep and fork out for one of the more expensive models.

The verdict:

The Gazelle Edge will not set you back an arm and a leg, but then it’s very basic compared to some of the more advanced models you’ll come across in stores or at the gym. If you’re bound by a budget and are not too concerned with not having all the frills, then the Gazelle Edge is the only exerciser in the basics category you should really consider buying.

You’ll get a smooth and effective workout, you won’t put your back out packing it away and you won’t have to take out a small loan just to pay for it.

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