BMR Calculator - Know Your Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Calculator

Use this quick weight loss calculator by Nutracheck as a guide* to working out the daily number of calories you burn and take advantage of their 5 day free trial online diet plan.

If you are a non UK resident or prefer to use calculator without all the bells and whistles click here.



Who are Nutracheck?

A UK based online food diary & calorie counter service.

They use the food diary approach to weight loss, commonly used by many doctors and dietitians who have successfully helped people to lose weight. With Nutracheck you can expect to lose up to 8lbs in 4 weeks.

Take the 5-day free trial and check out the features of this plan for yourself.


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*Please note these calculators are no substitute for medical advice on weight loss and are only to be used as an approximate estimation. Everyone burns calories at a different rate and these calculators are for illustrative purposes.