2 Weight Loss Plateau Breakers You Should Take Action On

2 Weight Loss Plateau Breakers You Should Take Action On

weight loss plateau breakerSo this is the scenario: You’ve been steadily losing weight with quite some success, then all of a sudden the pounds start failing to shift and you’re left wondering why.

Sound familiar to you? Frustrating isn’t it?

Fortunately there are a couple of weight loss plateau breakers that, if applied correctly, will turn that situation right back around for you. But before we get onto that, let’s take a closer look at the weight loss plateau and how it affects our bodies.

When people start a new diet program they tend to lose the first few pounds very quickly. This is because most diet programs are created to offer a hit of ‘instant weight loss’. Sadly, this hit isn’t enough to sustain permanent weight loss.

The weight loss you experienced within the first few weeks of the diet starts to slow down. You suddenly discover that the scales you weigh yourself with daily just don’t seem to be working right – how is it possible that you’ve not managed to lose weight despite living on a starvation diet of a few lettuce leaves?

Ah, that’ll be the weight loss plateau!

Our bodies are clever things. They can identify a change in routine and adapt to it in a flash. So if you’ve been doing the same sets of exercises and eating the same types of foods over and over and over again, your body will grow accustomed to this routine.

When this happens, your attempts to lose weight feel strained.

If you want to check out of this weight loss nightmare, you’ll need to implement a few changes to your diet and exercise regimen.

Here are two weight loss plateau breakers to get you started.

1. Calorie-counting – don’t do it

When you count your calories, you’re basically limiting the intake of calories to abnormally low levels. When you eat low calorie foods, there is no incentive for your body to increase your metabolic rate because it only has a few calories to burn.

Your body figures it’s hardly worth the effort so your metabolic rate forever remains at a very low level. And if you don’t have a high enough metabolic rate, you won’t be able to burn body fat effectively.

To kick start your body into burning fat and losing weight successfully, you need to scrub calorie counting out of the equation and eat enough food so that your body is forced to maintain a high metabolic rate.

Your body is a well oiled machine. It needs fuel to burn fat, but it can’t get that fuel from food alone.

2.  Increase your level of exercise

You will not lose weight if you don’t exercise or if you only ever participate in mild workouts that don’t scratch the surface. Weight loss is only possible if you perform daily workouts with varying levels of intensity.

I say varying because just as how ea ting the same types of foods causes you to plateau, so will just doing the same types of exercises. Your body’s muscle memory will kick in and you will be effectively exercising for nothing.

So, follow these 2 weight loss plateau breakers and you will soon find yourself losing weight at a steady rate and on a regular basis.

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