What is Zumba? History and Concept of a Fitness Phenomenon

What is Zumba? History and Concept of a Fitness Phenomenon

You may be forgiven for asking the question ‘what is Zumba?’ Don‘t worry, there are many people who still don’t know what it is or where it all started. Hopefully this article will offer some enlightenment on the history of Zumba.

As of now, many gyms offer Zumba classes and you can even join independent Zumba classes held in local community centres, churches and recreational clubs. You can even find Zumba workout DVDs that allow you to learn the sizzling dance moves in the privacy of your own home.

While this exercise sensation has hit like a storm, its origin is also interesting story. Have you ever wondered what Zumba is and how it came about? Then read on and learn all about the history and concept of this fitness phenomena.

What Is Zumba?

In essence, Zumba is a dance fitness routine. It’s a fusion of mainly Latin American beats coupled with funky reggae or Caribbean sounds with a little hip hop thrown into the mix. The focus is not so much on the dance itself but on the hypnotic effect that the music has over the participants – you just can’t help but move your body.

In this way, Zumba is an expression through dance movements as well as a vigorous fitness workout. With its upbeat dance tempos, you’ll find yourself wholeheartedly grooving in a party atmosphere. One of the reasons why people love Zumba so much is because it’s a way to truly let go. You get to break free from any inhibitions that may be holding you back and just dance like no one is watching.

How It All Began

Zumba was created by Alberto Perez in the 1990’s in his home country of Colombia. Beto, as he is commonly referred to, was working as a fitness instructor and choreographer. On the way to one of his classes, he discovered he had left the music he was supposed to use that day for his aerobics class.

After a bit of deliberating, he decided to make do with the music tapes he had brought with him – his own personal collection of salsa and merengue beats. He improvised his class and adapted the routine so that it was more dance-y as opposed to his usual aerobics style. It was a huge hit! His students absolutely loved the new style of ‘dance aerobics’ and that’s when Zumba was born.

Beto went onto further develop the Zumba program and brand, and in early 2000 he brought his concept over to the United States and started the Zumba franchise. The initial Zumba program started with direct to DVD launches as well as a series of energetic infomercials.

As the popularity of Zumba grew, so did the demand for classes. As a direct result of this, the number of instructors seeking Zumba accreditation grew dramatically, and gyms started to take an interest in running regular classes. Soon, more people began to ask about Zumba. The following grew even more as people from all different walks of life started to become enticed by the concept.

How to Join in on all the Fun

You can get to know more about Zumba by checking out your local gym or trying one of the many DVDs sold online. Zumba Fitness Exhilarate is an extremely popular and good Zumba DVD-set to get started with. There is even a Zumba Wii that brings a whole different level of fun to fitness.

Give it a try for yourself – Zumba may very well be the change you have been looking for in your fitness and weight loss regimen.

So in answer to the question ‘what is Zumba?’ – It’s one of the fastest growing fitness phenomena’s to captivate a nation and a lifestyle choice to many. By encouraging more people to move to the music, Zumba has attracted followers that grow in numbers each and every day.

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