The Best Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System

The Best Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System

zumba fitness exhilarate dvd set Ready to dance your way into fitness for 2013 with the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System?

You should be, if you really want to achieve your goal of losing weight this year.

I’ll ask you this question – what’s the number 1 best way to lose weight?


But for some the thought of slogging it out in a gym filled with body perfect fitness freaks feels all to intimidating. For others, even finding the time to get to the gym is a task and a half, what with a demanding job and family to look after.

Whatever the reason for lack of exercise, you’re here because you know you need to find an alternative way to seriously kick start your weight loss plan.

You need a good workout that will relentlessly put you through your paces and make you sweat in places you never thought possible.

You want to feel that unsightly body fat burning and disappearing with every step you take. Does that sound too scary? If so, you may not be ready for Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System as this is a serious workout program for people who want to lose some serious weight and fast.

If, however, you are looking for something that will get your heart racing and blood pumping while you effectively dance to hot Latin beats, then read on to learn more about this intensive workout program for weight loss.

Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System

The Ultimate Experience DVD Set – What’s in the Box?

Zumba Fitness Exhilarate comes with;

  • seven DVDs
  • a program guide which includes a workout plan
  • tips on training
  • a 10-day weight loss program
  • a set of toning sticks which are one pound in weight and have a maracas-like feel.

Here’s a breakdown of the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate DVDs:

1) Step by Step:

Just as the title suggests each move in the series is broken down to its basic components and taught to you slowly. You will learn sexy salsa, calypso, reggaeton, merengue, belly dance and cumbia (a Colombian folk dance).

One great thing about this DVD is that you can view the steps from the front or back position, making it easier for you to pick up the moves and keep up with the instructors in the subsequent DVDs.  It’s basically the beginners’ part to this workout program.

Length: 55 minutes.

2) Activate:

An easy to follow run through of the basic moves learnt in the step by step DVD. This workout is geared at getting you used to use those beginner steps in an aerobic capacity. You’ll build up with a view to moving on to the more intense movements of subsequent DVDs.

Length: 45 minutes.

Zumba Workout DVD3) Ripped:

This one focuses on body sculpting and is broken down into two parts. In the first half of the DVD you’re working on resistance training. This is where you get to shake your maracas (those toning sticks).

The second half of the DVD is dedicated to sentao, which literally means to sit. Don’t think for one second that this means you’ll be getting a break, as you’ll be dancing both on the chair and in the chair will also be dancing as part of the routine.

Ripped is a power packed DVD involving triceps dips, bicep curls and leg lifts and featuring dance styles such as the conga, Latin discotheque, swing, merengue, salsa and cumbia.

Length: 60 minutes.

4) Exhilarate:

This DVD is all about presenting zumba to you in all its wonderful fitness-party glory. You get to experience the full on impact of the energy and spirit of what zumba is all about; having fun whilst kicking your body into supreme shape. Dance styles featured in this DVD include salsa, merengue, tango, funk fusion, reggaeton, cumbia and swing.

Length: 60 minutes.

5) Zumba Mix:

This takes things up a level in terms of the complexity of the dance moves. However, have no fear as you do have the option of seeing a breakdown of the routines before you start it. With world dance featured heavily in this DVD you will be performing zumba steps in the form of African dance, hip hop, bollywood, fusion, flamenco and belly dance to name just a few.

Length: 55 minutes.

6) Concert Mix:

Imagine being at a live music concert with awesome zumba dancers on stage performing the moves whilst hundreds of zumba fans are dancing in the crowd. That’s pretty much how you could sum up this DVD. You get to feel the moves and just dance as though you were part of the pack.

It’s energetic and will put your moves to the test but just think of the calories you will be burning.

Length: 60 minutes.

7) Rush:

Great for when you’re time limited and want to squeeze in a quick workout. Don’t be fooled by the length of this DVD though as it’s packed with lots of high energy moves to different dance styles such as techno, calypso, samba, flamenco, rumba and merengue.

Length: 20 minutes.Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System

That all comes to a grand total of 350 hours of zumba!


  • A great workout for zumba beginners as you will be able to easily pick up the moves at your own pace from the step by step tutorial.
  • You’ll sweat buckets, burn up a lot of calories and lose weight fast.
  • Experience the feel of zumba but from the comfort of your home. Great if you’re not one for public group exercise or are looking at saving some money on classes.
  • With so much variety in the range of the workouts you won’t have time to get bored.
  • Choice of listening to the verbal instructions or just having the music on instead.


  • If you don’t have a lot of room to work with this may not be the DVD for you. Space is need for many of the moves, particular for the sentao routines.
  • The toning sticks could do with being a bit weightier as they’re pretty light so don’t offer much in the way of resistance.
  • These cats sure like to blow their own horn! Probably a little too much ‘marketing’ going on in the DVDs, but nothing that will stop your enjoyment or the effectiveness of the workout
  • Be warned there are lots of glitzy lights and snappy camera angles in the production of the DVDs. If that will bother you, walk away now. However if you like your workouts full of color and entertainment, you’ll think it’s pretty cool

What People Are Saying About Zumba Fitness Exhilarate

Zumba Fitness Body Shaping System

Why Zumba Fitness Exhilarate is a Good Workout for Weight Loss:

Zumba is hot, hot, hot right now and you can have part of the action without the need to attend a class or the gym.

Now that’s all well and good, but you want to know if you will lose weight with this fitness boxset. Is Zumba Fitness Exhilarate a good workout for weight loss?  Yes. it it.

You see unlike many weight loss DVDs, the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System does an extremely good job of bringing the enthusiasm and energy of a real live exercise class.

If you can maintain your motivation and commit to working out even just a few times in the week, you WILL lose weight. You will see pretty rapid results too and start to notice things like your clothes fitting you better and an increase in energy levels.

For those reasons, I would recommend you give it a shot.

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