Zumba Wii: Lose Weight While Having Fun

Zumba Wii: Lose Weight While Having Fun

You could say that Zumba and fun go hand in hand, so what can be more enjoyable than merrily dancing around your living room with the Zumba Wii?

The combination of your favourite workout fused with one of the most sought after, interactive gaming platforms, takes your enjoyment of the zumba party experience to a completely different level. It’s a truly refreshing and unique way of losing weight and getting fit. There really is no denying that Zumba is one of the most addictive forms of exercise on the fitness circuit today. It’s vibrant. It’s exciting. It’s just a great way to bring a little colour to your traditional workout regimen.

Zumba for Wii is Born!

The creators of Zumba knew just how popular the Latin based exercise would become. They cleverly crafted games that would have mass appeal to not only Zumba enthusiasts but to those who were new to Zumba. And so the Zumba for Wii was born!

The Wii game for Zumba features a unique controller, which enables the player to engage in whole body movements. The game then registers these activities and responds back accordingly. That’s what makes the Wii for Zumba, such a great personal training platform; from the privacy of your own home, you learn how to perfect each dance step in precise detail.

Currently there are two Wii releases; the Zumba Fitness and Zumba Fitness: 2. Both releases come with pumping music that will get you in the mood to party. The second of the two releases also features a few tracks from well know recording artists such as Pitbull and Nicole Scherzinger, which will really get you up on your feet and dancing hard.

With the Wii for Zumba you’ll need to choose between the type of controller that you feel would suit you best. You could opt for the hand held controller or invest in a hands-free wrist strap to give you a little more flexibility.

Speaking of added flexibility, one of the coolest innovations of this Zumba game is the hip belt. If you’ve not yet seen this, then you need to check it out.  The belt allows you to attach the controller to your hip, enabling you to better check on how well you are performing the moves.

You’ll find the instructions on the Zumba game pretty easy to follow. You’ll have an in-game instructor, who will perform the moves, and you simply follow along – keeping in time to their movements. Each time you follow the step sequence correctly, the game will respond by flashing different colours and presenting screen changes.

Whilst playing with the Wii, your progress is automatically monitored and saved. This means that you’ll be able to check things like the total number of calories burned and the amount of time you spend logged into the game. Tracking your fitness and charting your weight loss throughout the weeks you use Zumba will not only be an easy task, but a task that will motivate you to workout more.

Host Your Own Zumba Party!

A friend of mine recently did this, and it went down really well. Get the girls (or guys) around and have a Zumba Wii party. The game allows for up to four people at a time to play, so everyone will get the chance to show off their dancing skills. For the more competitive amongst you, you can even set to game to competition mode and turn that cosy little party into a full on battle. Either way, you’re sure to get a kick out of seeing your friends and family being entertained and captivated by the buzz of Zumba.

So if you don’t already have one, perhaps it’s high time you got yourself a Zumba Wii. Start making it a part of your fitness and weight loss program today.